Aluminum and Tools

Colored Aluminum

One side of aluminum is colored. This works ideally for running the stencil through an embossing machine, or you can use any regular embossing tool or the ones pictured on this page. Some of them are ideal for borders or the like, so using the new butterfly stencil LJ916, we ran it through the embossing machine, outlined it with the ADWH - Decorative Wheel Horizontal Line, sanded the highlights with fine sandpaper, and cut it out, ready for mounting.

Aluminum is available in packs of 4 sheets of 4 1/2" x 6" for $3.50

First seven colors pictured are shown using LJ855 Curlique Stencil, embossed and sanded


AC02 Black AC04 Brown AC06 Fuschia AC09 Mustard
AC11 Red AC10 Navy Blue AC12 Teal  
AC01 Barn Red AC03 Bronze AC05 Christmas Green AC08 Med Blue

Also available in

Bright Gold

AC13 Yellow AC07 Gold    

Two packs of six different color sheets 4 1/2" x 6" for $5.50 ea

ALPak1 Medium Blue, Christmas Green, Red, Brown, Yellow, Black $5.50 ALPak2 Barn Red, Mustard Navy Blue, Teal, Fuschia, Bronze $5.50



ABK Beginners Kit 4 tools $22.00 AN4 Needles $8.00 ADWF Flat Squares $10.00 ACB2 Cup & Ball $8.50 ACB6 Cup & Ball $9.00 ADWD Diagonal $10.00
ASTF Flower $9.00 ASTS Star $10.00    

ASTMS Mini-star $10.00

ADWB Herringbone $10.00 APS2 Stump No 2 $1.25 APS4 Stump No 4 $1.50 APS6 Stump No 6 $2.00